Defence and surveillance

During a military operation time is of the essence; seconds can mean the difference between life and death and alter the outcome of the operation. Unfortunately vital decisions are often made on incomplete or old information.

Emergency Services

Situational awareness is crucial to any decision making process. By gaining an aerial perspective complex situations can be assessed quickly enabling the right decisions to be made. Unmanned systems can be placed where it is too difficult or dangerous for people to go. The imagery can also be remotely viewed, this makes it very straightforward to gain a common operational picture.


In a humanitarian disaster gaining an understanding quickly of what is happening and where is vital, UAS can be used to generate the information needed to ensure that efforts are targeted where they are most needed.

Oil, Gas & Electricity

In the Energy industry time is money, UAS can provide the capability to inspect critical infrastructure without the requirement for lengthy shut downs. They can also be used to monitor distribution networks to protect them against criminal activity.

Survey & Inspection

Using the appropriate platform and software it is possible to produce accurate measurements combined with very high resolution images. This makes it extremely efficient and cost effective to use UAS over traditional survey and inspection methods.

Law Enforcement

Aerial surveillance has become a vital part of police and Law enforcement operations, traditionally this has been provided by helicopters. The developments in technology now make Unmanned Air Systems a viable alternative.


Use of Unmanned Systems for aerial photography is an ever expanding industry. UAS are able to get those shots that in the past only Helicopters could achieve.

Forestry & Agriculture

Environmental and financial savings can be made by using UAS to monitor forestry and crop growth. Large areas can be covered quickly and in detail allowing informed decisions to be made.